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Monthly Market Update

A designation indicating the agent is a member of the National Association of REALTORS (NAR).

The real estate agent that represents the buyer of the property.

The real estate agent that represents the seller of the property.

Multiple Listing Service - the list of properties that are for sale. It's the most reliable source of listing information.

Comparative Market Analysis - Examines and compares recently sold properties in a given location.

A property that has been registered with an MLS.

A professional report from a third party that estimates the value of a property for the buyer.

A report by a professional that examines the issues of the property, structure, roof, etc.

Appointments scheduled with an agent to view a property.

The attractiveness of the exterior of a property from the curb or online.

Preparing a listing with furniture amenities and other value adding features.

Money, deed, or other documents are kept in the custody of a third party - closes once all contingencies are met.

The written document that is used to transfer ownership of a property from one party to another party.

An insurance policy that protects owner or lender interest in the property from unexpected claims of ownership.

A clause in a contract that increases your offer when a new offer is made.

Required conditions that must be met before closing. The contract can be cancelled if these conditions are not met.

The last inspection of the property before signing the closing documents.

The seller and buyer have agreed to a contract but contingencies have not been met.

When an offer has been accepted, the contract has been signed, and all contingencies are met.

Ownership of property is transferred to the buyer.

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